Skills to pay the bills?

If you work with a small number clients in a deep way, we know how challenging that can be.

It can feel like you're constantly juggling clients, admin, business growth, lead generation, sales, finance and your own personal growth. No doubt, at times, you're failing miserably to keep on top of it all too.

It's hardly surprising many talented people who start their business to “do what they love” end up feeling miserable because they feel overworked, underpaid and unfulfilled.

But the great news is…. if you have a skill that people pay you for, then you have a skill that can be turned into digital products like courses, workshops and programs… and the income, impact and freedom you dream of.

And that's where we can help you…

Launch Consulting

If you know what you want to launch, but don't have any clue HOW to do it then launch consulting can give you the strategy and action plan you need to move forward.

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Launch Coaching

If you want to launch your product or program, with step-by-step training, then our bootcamps can help you learn all the skills and strategies you need.

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I want to show you just how easy and fun it can be to launch insanely profitable digital products!
– Laura Phillips, Founder

Hey lovely!

I'm Laura, the founder of Profit From Products, and I'm sooooo happy you're here because it means that you're either thinking about turning your skills into digital products or you want to build upon your launch results so far.

My mission is to help you seriously shortcut your own success with my online training, coaching and tech support.

It's here that I share all the strategies you need to implement to launch insanely profitable online courses, programs and workshops.

I want to help you create unimaginable levels of income, impact and freedom with MORE EASE!

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Success Stories

I generated £4940 in sales in my first launch following Laura's launch strategies. She's an amazing coach and I can't imagine where I'd be without her and the support in the community.

Dominique Mullally - Wealth Coach

“Over the course of 5 weeks, I’ve crafted my first digital product and made $34,955 in sales. Laura is an unstoppable woman and can help you accelerate your success if you are willing to act in spite of fear and take massive actions!”

Agnes Lee - Forex trader & Product Creator

I came to Laura when I was seriously struggling with not only business, but my confidence. Now I'm on the other side of a successful launch and things are very different – I credit Laura as a huge part of this transformation.

Dan Netting - Life at Lean

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