About Profit From Products

Hi there, I'm Laura Phillips, the founder of Profit From Products and I'm so happy you're here.

I launched my company to share all that I have learned about digital products, and how you too can turn your ideas, skills and experience into profitable digital products.

I have loved the journey of being an entrepreneur and think its always been in my blood (I started my first business at university whilst studying for my degree).

But I can't say that I loved the non-stop workload that took over my life when I launched my web agency. I was simply trading my time for money! The 60 hour weeks were killing me, my husband and kids were missing me like crazy and no matter what you do, a client emergency is always going to crop up at the worst time.

I knew there had to be a different way to grow my business so seeing huge opportunities with digital products I decided to venture into that world, and when I say digital products changed my whole life… that is no exaggeration.

I've built a business that enables me to impact more people all over the world and it has married my 2 passions… being creative and selling online. I work half the time and earn more. I'm no longer stressing about having to find the next client, and I can finally take time off when I want. (I haven't taken my laptop on my last 3 holidays!)

It's not to say it's been easy getting here! In fact, its been really bloody hard work and full of challenges, epic fails and lessons learned but its for sure the most fun I have ever had in business.

I have shared the journey so far with my community and the more conversations I have with them, the more I realise that there is a huge lack of solid information out there to help them achieve digital products success.

And that's why Profit From Products was born.

I want to equip others with all the knowledge they need to create their own profitable digital products and to document my own journey.

I'm excited to have you here joining me 🙂

Laura Phillips - Founder

Online Business of the Year
FSB Worldpay UK Business Awards Winner 2017
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