Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Create a 6-figure salary by selling affiliate digital products in this online masterclass

I'll show you the exact steps I took to create a 6-figure salary as an affiliate, without a huge list or spending big bucks on paid advertising


8th November

8pm London
3pm ET / 12pm PT

Live Class
Plus Recordings

Why I love affiliate marketing...

An effective, easy and fun way to make a profit without creating any products!

No products of your own, no problem!

As a launch strategist and business mentor, my job is to help people make more income from all the opportunities in the online world. And although there’s nothing as profitable as turning your own skills into digital products, if you don't have / want them - then affiliate marketing is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of.

No customer service to handle

Once you've made the sale - you get paid and smile as the money hits your bank, and you don't have the customer service to deal with.

Meaning you can add new revenue streams to your business without the added stress... and who doesn't love FUN AND EASY money?!

Create more time freedom

Where would you go? What would you do if you had time and money? What would you work on? It's time to stop wishing because affiliate marketing can help you achieve that goal faster. Whether its recurring revenue, a cash injection or just a little extra profit each month- affiliate marketing can support your goals.

Bring in affiliates to sell for YOU!

But this isn't just about being an affiliate for other companies. If you're now at the stage where you want to scale the sales of your own products / services, then affiliates are a great way to reach new audiences and achieve more sales. Having worked on both sides of affiliate launch (launch manager and as a super affiliate) there is undeniable evidence that if you want scale, you need to bring on partners.

Who is this event right for?

This event is great for you if...

You want more profits / time-freedom

If you want to increase the profits in your current business, as well as create time-freedom, then this workshop will show you how - even if you're short on time right now or don't have much of an audience. It's easy for anyone to get started.

You want a profitable side-hustle

If you' re committed in another business or job but want to make extra income as a side hustle, I'm going to show you how I made a full time salary from affiliate products and some easy ways to create passive income too.

You want to work with affiliates

You'll love the workshop if you want to know how to work with affiliates to get your products to new audiences. You'll also learn how to arm your affilaites with great strategies so they can increase their leads and conversion rates - win / win!

What's covered in the masterclass?

Don't worry if you can't attend live, you'll get the recording the next day.

Topics that will be covered in the live class:

  • Choose the right products: How to choose the right products to be an affiliate for
  • No list, no problem: How to promote without an email list and with no advertising spend
  • Create raving buyers: How to nurture a highly engaged audience who are ready to buy
  • Sell authentically: How to sell without being spammy, sleazy or pushy
  • Map out an affiliate campaign: How to plan out an effective affiliate marketing campaign from start to finish
  • Achieve killer conversion rates:How to achieve HUGE conversion rates as an affiliate
  • Golden rules of affiliate promo's: Discover how to avoid mistakes most people make promoting products
  • Passive affiliate income opportunities: How to make consistent passive income (yes, it really does exist).

Q&A Session: Get your questions answered so you can hit the ground running after the live class.

Recordings: You'll also get the event recording the next day.

30 tickets - Limited Spots

Masterclass to help you hit the ground running with your affiliate marketing after the live call!


For your masterclass host, Laura Phillips

Todd Herman

Todd Herman Investor, Entrepreneur & Creator of The 90 Day Year

“There's a big difference between someone knowing ‘How To' put up a website. ‘How To' create an ad on Facebook and on and on… And someone that knows how all the components fit together in the online world AND produce REAL Revenue from the ocean of opportunities online. Laura not only has the tactical skills to get people results. She has the ability to deliver a strategy anyone can use over and over again."

Sandra Doe

Ryan LevesqueInc 500 CEO, #1 National Best-Selling Author & Creator of the ASK Method®

“Laura was a featured speaker at my event ASKLive 2017, and I was so impressed with the knowledge bombs she dropped. I watched people furiously taking notes and many guests told us that her talk was one of their favourites. I’m grateful for all of Laura’s contributions, and think her attitude and give-first approach speaks volumes about her character. I can't recommend her highly enough.

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Commonly asked questions

Do I need to show up live?

I always recommend turning up live to any event because if you have questions that crop up during the call you can ask them during the Q&A. Those who show up live to my classes always take bigger action.

What level is this aimed at?

I've been a "super affiliate" for some of the biggest names in the business world meaning even if you're a seasoned pro, I can teach you how to get even bigger results. But as the queen of making things easy in marketing, even the more advanced parts will be explained in simple ways.

I don't have an audience, is this right for me?

My first 5 figure launch came when I had a tiny list and from just phonecalls - so no you don't need an audience to get started. Affiliate marketing can actually be used to build an audience in a hugely profitable way.

What happens during the live class?

You will be be sent a link via email to join the call on Crowdcast, there's no need to download any software but I do recommend (as with all live video) making sure you're using a solid wifi connection (preferably wired in). At the time of the class you just click on the link and it will take you there straight away.