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Confidence + Clarity = Results

I know that when it comes to finally launching that amazing product idea, there's a lot riding on it's success. It's no wonder that the “unknowns” and pressure can cause a lot of stress. But you're in the right place, because I'm the strange lady that LOVES launches and I'm here to make things a whole lot easier… and FUN! (Yes, I said fun)

Having being involved with multiple 7-figure launches, and taught launch strategy to thousands of people all over the world, I know what it takes to have launch success and the nuances in launch strategy that take your results from average to amazing.

I built my own business on a launch model so I do know how intense launches can be but with a great strategy in place you'll move forward with clarity and more confidence and that means BETTER RESULTS.

Marketing industry leaders nickname me “conversion queen” – and that’s what our focus will be when we work together, because it means that with even a small list you can get huge results.

Launches work best when they’re crafted around creating an unforgettable experience for your potential customers, and this is the part I really geek out on and the reason why I offer strategy packages.

What we'll cover on your strategy day

Creating an irresistible offer, a powerful marketing message plus establishing your downsell / upsell opportunities.


A content plan to attract and engage your audience building anticipation and excitement for your launch event.


Email list-building and nurture strategies to prime your audience for your product launch and build relationships.

Partnership Opportunities

Identify any potential JV partnership / affiliate opportunities to reach new audiences and increase your sales.


Your strategy for social media engagement and community building leading up to, and beyond the launch event.

Launch Event Plan

We'll create the launch event strategy itself including the format (e.g video), campaign timings, content creation, and identify your biggest opportunities to WOW.

Conversion & Sales

Cart open & close strategies to maximise conversions, and sales strategies for closing high-ticket sales.


How to wow your new customers, deliver an incredible experience and reduce refunds on your product.

I went to Laura feeling like I needed someone to really help me re-focus and get back on track with my business. I searched for a long time to find the right person who was credible and able to deliver results rather than just ‘marketing speech'. Having listened to Laura's webinars and read her reviews from industry experts, I knew I was in safe hands.
I signed up for a strategy package, and there was no faffing around, we were straight down to business. I'm not sure how we covered so much in one day, but I left with a clear strategy for the next 3 months for my online course launches.
The results speak for themselves, I've completed one live launch and launched two evergreen online courses. I couldn't recommend Laura enough. Worth every penny.
Emma Dewey, Director – Babyem
What's included in your strategy package
01.  Preparation Session

To maximise our time together, we’ll have a preparation session before your strategy day so you can share all the important details on your business and your launch ideas so far. I’ll give you a small list of information I need such as your marketing results so far, and we'll identify your goals for your launch and any specifics that you want to cover when we work together.


On the strategy day itself, either in-person or via Zoom, we'll strategise on your launch. We'll look at your overall strategy, agree timings, resources you need and what tech / tools you should use. If you're in a vastly different timezone, the strategy day can be split into 2 x sessions. If you're in the UK, I'll choose somewhere fabulous and mutually convenient to meet. (Lunch and a glass of fizz is always included!)


Based on the launch plan we create together during your strategy day, I'll collate all the strategies and actions agreed and present them back to you as a project plan. You'll then be ready to hit the ground running with all the strategies and ideas we come up with, and have a clear project plan to refer back to / outsource to team members.


And finally, because I know that questions ALWAYS crop up after the strategy day, we’ll have a follow up call one week later so we can address anything you want clarification on, or questions that arose after our day together. We can also discuss here what ongoing support we can offer you as many clients move onto regular coaching / support packages.

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